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Let Independent Vehicle Inspections Find Your New Auto! Car Buying Service Available in Sydney's Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs

Tired of searching for a high quality used car and coming up empty? Can's seem to find the right vehicle for the right price? Feel like you're looking in all the wrong places?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then why not let Independent Vehicle Inspections find your next auto? Thought we are known primarily throughout the Sydney area as a car inspection service, we also offer a car buying service to customers throughout the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches and beyond. And if you need a little help finding the perfect car, then we are the perfect partner to assist you in your search.

IVI's Car Buying Service in Sydney

At IVI, we know cars. We have been serving customers throughout Sydney, Wollongong and Illawarra since our business first opened its doors, and our Director and Senior Inspector has 35 years of experience in the automotive industry. Over the years, we have inspected thousands of different vehicles, from every make and model you could think of. We've helped countless used car shoppers by giving advice on which cars to buy and which cars to walk away from. Needless to say, we are fully confident in our ability to help you find the perfect car.

If you do decide to use out car buying service in the Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs, then we will get to work for you right away. We will meet with you, in order to determine a list of your 'wants' and 'must-haves' for your vehicle. From make, model and features to condition and price, we will talk through every facet of your dream used car.

From there, we will put our resources to work to actually find that dream car. Using our connections at used car dealerships in and around Sydney, and keeping our ear to the ground for any promising private sales, we survey the landscape of the used car market to find what you are looking for. Once we've found the car, we will inspect it you make sure it is suitable and safe. We will even negotiate the price with the seller, to ensure a cost-effective deal.

Saving Time and Stress

In short, when you use IVI's car buying service in Sydney, you take the guesswork out of your next used car purchase. Heck, you take the work out of your next used car purchase! We will do the work for you, allowing you to sit back, relax and wait.

There are a number of reasons that customers come to IVI seeking a car buying service in the Eastern Suburbs or out on the Northern Beaches. Sometimes, it's because they don't have the time to find a car on their own; sometimes, it's because they don't have the patience. Whether you are looking to save time or avoid stress, IVI's car buying service is the perfect solution for you. Give us a call today to learn more! We can be reached seven days a week 1300 857 484.

We'll inspect your car

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IVI holds a motor mechanic mobile workshop licence (no 44249) with the MVRIA. IVI is a registered member of the Motor Traders Association (MTA) and the Australasian Society of Engineers.

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