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Get a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee with Your Car Inspection in Sydney's Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs

At Independent Vehicle Inspections, we always stand beside the work we do. It is our mission to help our customers make the best and most informed purchasing decisions possible, when it comes to buying used cars. For that reason, we inspect every single component of a car closely before giving a customer advice on whether or not to purchase it.

We also don't pull our punches with the advice we give. On the contrary, IVI's inspectors examine vehicles for our customers in the same way they would examine vehicles for themselves. If a customer hires us for a car inspection in Sydney, that person can trust our word on whether or not the vehicle is worth buying. Why? Simply because the advice we give our customers is the same advice we would give to family members. If we ourselves wouldn't be comfortable buying the car, then we won't advise you to do so either.

Ongoing Service

In order to prove just how much stock you should be willing to put in IVI's car inspection advice, we have established a number of ongoing services that you can take advantage of if you decide to purchase a car we recommend. If you bring us in for a car inspection in the Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs, and the inspection results in you purchasing the car, then we at IVI want to make sure that you are as confident as possible with your purchase.

The confidence starts, of course, with the inspection report. We will give you a full document detailing our findings from the inspection and including our yes/no advice on whether you should buy the car. This document gives you the information you need to know in order to make an informed buying decision.

With IVI, your confidence will also continue long after your purchase. Our connection with our customers doesn't just cease after a single car inspection in the Eastern Suburbs. On the contrary, if you choose to purchase a car we recommend, then we will support that purchase for a year's time. This support includes free roadside assistance from IVI for 12 months, as well as a three-month or 5,000-kilometer guarantee for the car's engine, transmission and internal components.

The latter 'warranty' coverage policy is something that really sets IVI apart from the other businesses offering car inspection on the Northern Beaches. However, if we advise you to purchase a car, it's because we believe that the engine, transmission and internal components are in good condition and likely to last for years to come. If, for whatever reason, we got it wrong and one of these parts or components breaks down on you in the first three months of ownership, then we will cover $1,000 of the repair expenses.

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Whether you are located in the Eastern Suburbs or around the Northern Beaches, you are in range to receive mobile car inspection service from Sydney's Independent Vehicle Inspections. Just give us a call today to schedule your appointment! We can be reached at 1300 857 484, or online at http://www.ivi.net.au/IVI_bookings.html.

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IVI holds a motor mechanic mobile workshop licence (no 44249) with the MVRIA. IVI is a registered member of the Motor Traders Association (MTA) and the Australasian Society of Engineers.

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