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Prompt Mobile Car Inspections Available in Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs or the Northern Beaches

If you've got a used car that you are thinking about purchasing, but want to make sure that you aren't buying a pile of steel and costly repairs, give us a call at Independent Vehicle Inspections. We provide prompt mobile car inspections in the Sydney area, and will be there quickly to look over the car and give you a full assessment of its quality.

That's right: when you schedule a mobile car inspection in the Northern Beaches, you don't have to worry about getting your prospective vehicle to a garage or dealership somewhere. Instead, we will send one of our automotive experts out to your location to conduct the inspection. We operate our mobile service seven days a week, and are usually able to schedule appointments within one day of your call.

As long as you are located within the Sydney metropolitan area, or in Wollongong or Illawarra, then IVI can provide the kind of vehicle inspection you need to make a smart and well-informed decision about your car purchase.

What Does a Mobile Car Inspection in the Eastern Suburbs Entail?

Do we have you thinking about contacting Independent Vehicle Inspections for a mobile car inspection in the Eastern Suburbs or the Northern Beaches? If so, the next thing that you probably want to know is what our vehicle inspections entail.

Suffice to say that it would be easier for us to tell what our vehicle inspections don't entail. When IVI sends an automotive expert out to take a look at a car that you are considering for purchase, he or she will do a comprehensive, unbiased inspection of your entire vehicle.

'Comprehensive' is the key word in that sentence: our inspections cover every single aspect of your vehicle, from the body (checking the paint, looking for dents, catching signs of rust) to the interior, all the way under the hood. We'll appraise the tyres, wheels, windows and seats, make sure all lights are operational, check for missing or broken parts, spot oil leaks and go down a checklist of electrical and mechanical components to make sure everything is in good, working order. We'll even take the car for a road test, to make sure it feels like it should when driven.

An Unbiased Report

The bottom line is that IVI compiles a lot of information in the average Sydney mobile car inspection. And once we've compiled that information, we'll turn it right over to you, in a complete and unbiased report. In short, we give you all the facts that you need to know to make the right decision on a used car purchase.

In addition to handing over the cold hard facts about a car, our automotive specialists will also give you their perspective on the vehicle. In other words, if all you are looking for is a simple 'yes' or 'no' on whether you should purchase a used car, IVI can provide it. We give the same advice on car purchases to our customers that we would give to our friends or family, so if a car is unsafe or unreliable, or if it is sure to cost you a lot of money in repairs, we will always tell you.

We'll inspect your car

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IVI holds a motor mechanic mobile workshop licence (no 44249) with the MVRIA. IVI is a registered member of the Motor Traders Association (MTA) and the Australasian Society of Engineers.

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