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Get Excellent Customer Service with Your Mobile Car Inspections in Sydney's Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs

When shopping for a used car, the decision of which vehicle to buy is not only a sizable financial investment, but an investment in your own safety and sanity, as well. A car that has been poorly maintained is a ticking time bomb, and can lead to dangerous situations on the road or to a headache of endless repairs. Needless to say, if you are in the process of finding a new car, it is absolutely pivotal that you make sure it is safe and well maintained before you sign any paperwork or take on the title. The best way to do that is with a thorough vehicle inspection.

At Independent Vehicle Inspections, we provide precisely the type of inspection that can spot deferred maintenance or other problems with a car—so that you know about them before they become your problem. We provide mobile car inspections throughout Sydney, from the Northern Beaches to the Eastern Suburbs. In other words, we come to you to inspect the car that you are thinking about buying—just one facet of our customer service commitment that we believe sets us apart from other similar businesses in Sydney.

The Independent Vehicle Inspections Commitment

When you contact Independent Vehicle Inspections (or IVI, as we are often known around Sydney) for a mobile car inspection in the Northern Beaches, you are getting a number of things. The first, as mentioned above, is our convenient mobile inspection service. When you are almost ready to negotiate a price on a vehicle, give us a call: we will be able to schedule an appointment time your inspection—usually within one business day of your call. At the appointment, we'll give the car a thorough inspection—both inside and out—and deliver a comprehensive, unbiased report to help you decide whether or not to buy.

The second thing that every IVI customer gets is our automotive expertise. We have been doing mobile vehicle inspections in the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches since 2006. In addition, our staff is made up of experts with 35 years of experienced working in the automotive industry. Trust us when we say that we know cars, and can tell you which ones are great investments and which ones are huge wastes of cash.

A Personal Experience with Mobile Car Inspections in the Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs

Finally, if you contact IVI for a mobile car inspection in Sydney, you can rest assured that you are going to get the finest customer service possible. We always strive to create a personal relationship with our customers, simply because we know that trust is very important in what we do.

That personal touch will carry over to your inspection. At IVI, we don't just base our reports on car statistics and service records, but also on personal instinct. If we wouldn't purchase a car for ourselves or for a close family member, then we absolutely are not going to recommend that car to you. A good car is a good car and a bad car is a bad car, and we believe that those assessments are the same—whether the person receiving our advice is someone we've known for 20 years or 20 minutes.

We'll inspect your car

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IVI holds a motor mechanic mobile workshop licence (no 44249) with the MVRIA. IVI is a registered member of the Motor Traders Association (MTA) and the Australasian Society of Engineers.

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