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Find Expertise and Experience with Mobile Vehicle Inspections in Sydney's Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs

An inspection can be a pivotal moment in the used car shopping and purchasing process. A good inspector can save you from purchasing a car that is unsafe, or that will demand an immediate and costly list repairs. A bad inspector, meanwhile, can miss major problems with a car, and leave you with a bad investment. At Independent Vehicle Inspections in Sydney, we believe that our inspectors fit into the former category.

Ever since 2006, IVI has been providing consumers with dependable mobile vehicle inspections in Sydney, from the Northern Beaches to the Eastern Suburbs. If you are considering a car for purchase, and want to get a second opinion on whether or not it is worth the money, give us a call. One of our inspectors will come out to wherever the car is located (so long as it is in the Sydney metropolitan area, or in Wollongong or Illawarra) and do a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle.

The Sydney Mobile Vehicle Inspections Process

A mobile vehicle inspection in the Eastern Suburbs or out on the Northern Beaches will consist of a few different things.

First, IVI's automotive expert will look over your vehicle, from front to back and top to bottom. Everything from the engine to the bodywork to the headlamps and electrical components will get at least a few minutes of attention.

Next, our inspector will take the vehicle for a road test. Just as you would never buy a car without first taking it for a test drive, IVI doesn't deliver a concrete verdict on a vehicle without trying it out on the road. Driving the car is an important step to assessing performance, and can even help our inspectors to notice issues with the vehicle that they may have missed in the first part of the inspection.

Once these two parts of your Sydney mobile vehicle inspection have been completed, IVI's expert will do two things. First, they will provide a brief verbal report to you, the customer, on the spot. This report will include our recommendation on whether or not you should buy the car. Later, you will receive a full written report on the vehicle, covering every single component that we looked at during the inspection. This report should help you to make a final decision to buy the car or keep looking

Expertise Guaranteed

No matter what recommendation you receive from your IVI inspector, you can always trust it. Many of our inspectors have been doing this for a decade or more, and our Director and Senior Inspector has over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry. Those 35 years included a 17-year stint with Australia's National Roads and Motorists' Association, where IVI's director worked as a road service technician. Suffice to say that he knows which cars are going to run well for a long time, and which ones are going to end up broken down on the side of the road, calling the NRMA for assistance.

Interested in learning more about Independent Vehicle Inspectors, or in scheduling a mobile vehicle inspection in the Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs? Give us a call today, at 1300 857 484.

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IVI holds a motor mechanic mobile workshop licence (no 44249) with the MVRIA. IVI is a registered member of the Motor Traders Association (MTA) and the Australasian Society of Engineers.

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